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Business Built on Relationships

As leaders of the development and general contracting process, we know that it takes alignment of the whole team—on budget and schedule, on goals and expectations, and on culture and values—to deliver a successful project where residents are able to thrive.

There are no shortcuts on this path, and we understand the premium placed on local, skilled, and reliable trade partners that our project teams and communities can trust.

We apply the same high standards to our trade partners as we do ourselves, and are willing to invest the time, energy, and resources to ensure that our subcontractors are best-in-class. We pay a premium for quality, we honor our commitments promptly, and we treat each partner with respect, knowing that our integrity will influence and be reflected in the finished product.

The relationships we build with our trade partners allows us to deliver added value to every project, not only by securing the most competitive rates on construction equipment, materials, and long-lead procurement items; but by ensuring that quality is protected, every detail is examined, and that the pride of community and a job well done shines through in every aspect of our work.

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Meet the High-Tech Low Volts Team

During the construction process, there is no shortage of moving parts: schedules, supplies, contractors, customers – there is an endless flow of work to be done and tasks to complete. To turn chaos into checkpoints, Aura Marts is reliant on the support of all its personnel – particularly, its trade partners.   A key relationship throughout the […]

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